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“Seriously, Songies will not leave me alone. Give this wonderful, catchy record a listen, and we promise at least three sequences that will immediately whet your ears for more.” – Pop Matters

“In a world filled with noise, PYNKIE’s music stands out as a soothing yet invigorating offering that encapsulates the essence of the ever-evolving dream-pop genre.” – The Pentatonic

“It is safe to expect her to continue gaining traction through her originality and vocal ability, uplifting listeners during darker times.” – post-trash

“Radiant vocals glisten and glow around a wash of wondrous guitars and steamy drums as the artist comes to life with vivid passion and verve, inviting us deep into her sun-soaked reverie.” – Atwood

“An artist known more for her deeply revered demo recordings, here Radice displays a penchant for more polished and dreamy pop aided by her own lushly layered vocals and fail safe hooks.”  Rating: 7.5 – Under The Radar Mag

“While it’s not quite a technical term, the title of PYNKIE’s upcoming third LP, Songies, is an apt descriptor for the collection of track which, by her own definition, are “short, sweet, and to-the-point.” – FLOOD Magazine

“With ‘Plz’ and her upcoming album ‘Songies,’ PYNKIE is poised to cement her place as a musical force to be reckoned with, and her dreamy pop sound is sure to resonate with a wide range of audiences, leaving them wanting more of her enchanting melodies.“ – Herb

“This nurse by trade spares no moment, gravitating towards the bright side of existence and not taking herself too seriously.” – The Wild is Calling Us

“Reminiscent of the early 2000s, including breathy vocals and drifting sonics, “Plz” details the faults but hopeful resolutions of a relationship whether it’s the one you have with yourself or with someone else.” – Melodic Magazine

“It’s like a breakup song for the imaginary relationship with your high school crush you conjured up in your head” –  Get Alternative

“a breezy and nostalgic production that pairs gentle vocals with an up-tempo, high energy instrumentation” – Earmilk describing “Plz”

“Pitched somewhere between hazy bedroom pop and anthemic indie, the rising songstress is showcasing a maturing sound that oozes potential, and with her latest offering, we are seeing this potential actualise itself increasingly.” – Wonderland Magazine

“Self-described ‘songmaker + nurse,’ Radice has a penchant for pop hooks, layered vocals, and catchy choruses. “Crushed Out” is no exception and further releases from Songies will bear this out as well. “  – Under the Radar

“ PYNKIE is back with dreamy and swooning new single “Crushed Out” (shout out that dog.), taken from her new album Songies, coming this summer “ – Gorilla vs Bear

“When Lindsey Radice isn’t working 12 hour days as a nurse, she’s writing music as PYNKIE — an indie rocker known for her signature starry-eyed sound.” – The Harvard Crimson

“PYNKIE is the deeply buried Bandcamp artist you are always hoping to uncover.”  – No Ripcord

“Not only can NJ-based Lindsey Radice write a lo-fi dance ballad like very few, she can write, perform and co-produce an entire album of them and make it look easy.”  – Wild Honey Pie’s “Buzzing Daily”

“#37 as an album offers a distinct narrative of simplicity and escapism, inspired by similar nuances of sentimentality”The Luna Collective Magazine

“PYNKIE summons an easy, surfy folk on the dreamy ‘Vacation.’”  – NYLON

“This year has given us enough drama and anxiety. What we need now is music that returns us to our carefree days. PYNKIE is just the artist to fill that need.” – The Revue

“#37 itself makes an appealing prospect, with a sweet and positive but still tough and realistic attitude, and soft, peaceable performances that don’t appreciably lack a credible rock edge. PYNKIE’s #37 doesn’t outstay its welcome or pad its tracklist with filler, instead providing a short, sweet and sunny assortment of introspective but undemanding indie rock.” – 25 Years Later

“All in all, #37 is a really impressive record and it cannot be denied that Lindsey Radice has a huge amount of talent to her disposal. It’s difficult to imagine that this album will receive nothing but good reviews as it is exactly what a lot of people may be needing in their lives at this moment; a new sound with plenty of positive vibes attached to it.” – Vinyl Chapters

“Well written and constructed, the arrangements deliver plenty of sound without being overwhelming.” – Closed Captioned
“Vacation”, is a charmer with its soft catchy harmonies and upbeat, smile infusing sound. She successfully weaves lo and hi fi sounds with a guitar centric song and gently spiced with a jangly tambourine. To top it all off, the accompanying video is home movie joy. It reminds me of that special time when family life had crazy highlighted reels and no posed, curated selfies.” – Immersed in Cool Music
“New Jersey songwriter/nurse Lindsey Radice aka PYNKIE shares daydreamy new single ‘Love Theme’, a sweet little love song ‘about longing for someone to feel the same romantic feelings for you as you feel for them,” – Gorilla Vs. Bear

“A hook consisting of pretty ad-libs leads to lilting harmonies, and the gauzy song finishes as effortlessly as it begins.” – Cool Hunting

“It sounds like an afternoon with the clouds floating by, or an evening with the stars spinning overhead, and that’s exactly what you want from a song like this.” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Adding to this newfound downbeat vibe is the gentle husk of Radice’s voice, which gifts the track a melancholy edge and accentuates the seductive nature of the track” – High Clouds

“With its buoyant bassline, jangly guitars, stoic percussion and perfectly imperfect slacker vocals, “Personality” is musically a raw joy to behold. It’s flawless in its mixture of the known and the unknown, expected and unexpected.” – HighClouds

“The swoon of PYNKIE’s voice mixed with the upbeat stride [in “Personality”] gets met with a guitar noodling that draws you closer and closer. The bridge alone is masterful while the video has enough colorful imagery to delight even the color blind.” – Closed Caption

“The accompanying video [for “Personality”], directed and edited by Kelli McGuire, is heavily stylized with eclectic colors and settings. It features Radice dressed in various, eccentric costumes, washed in colorful lighting.” – Tinnitist

“It’s the twinge of sadness at the heart of [“#37”] that gives its optimistic power. Though the songs do always sound cheerful, they don’t discount the importance of other, complicated feelings as well.“ – Northern Transmissions
“We found the new video from PYNKIE for “Personality” adorable.” – Too Much Rock

Top 30 Albums Of 2018 – Gorilla Vs. Bear

“As immediately enjoyable as the record is/was, it’s still growing on me and sort of revealing itself a little more with each listen, with tracks like “Joyride”, “The Tryp”, and “Shrinking Violet” embodying the kind of warm, woozy, vaguely familiar jams you want to keep on repeat on breezy summer nights.” – Gorilla Vs. Bear

“Shout out to the lazylazyme and DDB for the simultaneous heads up on this new jam from New Jersey’s Lindsey Rae Radice aka PYNKIE, feeling like a hazy, impossibly romantic codeine dream thanks to those narcotic pitched down vocals and woozy instrumentation.” – Gorilla Vs. Bear

“Pynkie dropped her sweet new single “Funny Boy”, a breezy and tender little love letter featuring samples from South Park and Rocko’s Modern Life.” – Gorilla Vs. Bear

“[‘Funny Boy’] encapsulates a feeling of pure bliss, something reminiscent of love at first sight.” – High Clouds

“Pynkie’s 2018 debut album Neoteny is filled with delicately performed songs that are at once inventive and intimate.” – The Deli Magazine

“…the humble 20-something year old singer-songwriter’s debut album, Neoteny, has been very well received by online critics, playlisters, and fans alike.” – Listen And Speakeasy

“[Pynkie] has gained notoriety for her heartfelt, personal home style recordings on platforms such as Soundcloud.” – Look At My Records

“Pynkie has a natural knack for creating pristine sounding, hook-filled melodies that are largely driven by her emotive voice.” – Look At My Records

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